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International Shotokan Karate Federation's

Alaska Region

Regional Director's Message

June 2015

Master Camp 2015 was a wonderful experience for all who attended. Camp has the best instruction and an increasing karate family with participants from around the world. Attending from Alaska was Doug and Phillip Murray (Juneau and Phillip now lives near Baltimore), Max Tavoliero (Eagle River), and Rowyn Cunningham (Homer). We congratulate Doug Murray on his new rank of Godan and Rowyn on attending camp for the first time!

One of the main focuses at Master Camp this year was using a stable stance and proper course of moves and the secondary focus is on the growing ISKF organization with many new countries. We missed those of you who could not attend. Please plan to attend Master Camp 2016 as this is a 50 year anniversary celebration and the camp will be a special event.

Our Alaska Summer Camp is August 7-9 in Anchorage at UAA. Sensei James Field is our prestigious visiting instructor. We are very fortunate to have such excellent instructors attending our camps. I talked with Sensei Field at the Master Camp and he is looking forward to our camp and cool weather. Please sign up by July 15, we request early registration and this is the only way to get one of those great camp tee shirts. Please ask your instructor for the registration form and information, or you can find them on our web site at: and the form

at: Kyu testing is for those attending from outside of the Anchorage/Mat Su area; dan testing is available to all who are eligible.

Finally, get ready for 37 Annual ISKF US Nationals and Collegiate Tournament: November 14-15, 2015 in San Francisco, CA. This will be a great tournament.

Keep Training and thank all of those who support your training!

Susan Jones

Alaska Regional Director

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